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Glossary Websites

The Language of Media Literacy
A list of the seemingly interchangeable terminology used by writers and speakers in the media.

Independent Lens Terms
From the the Emmy award-winning PBS series, "Independent Lens".

Teacher Tested

Check out his site for a great set of tutorials and tricks to use with FCPX.

A Great Guide to Using Creative Commons Pics
We love to use pics in our videos.  Get to know how to use CC pics.

This is the free Film School of which are published videos tutorials to make your film projects, from the special effects, to the steadycam, lights, cranes.

Vimeo Video School

The popular video site put together a intro to video site with lots of videos and lessons.
RawScripts is online screenwriting software. Scripts are private, secure and accessible from any computer. Nothing to install. You can login with your Google or Yahoo account and get working on your screenplay.

Color Wheel Pro
Creating great graphics is part of what we do. Here is a great program that allows you to see color theory in action: you can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples.

PBS TeacherSource
3000+ free lesson plans and activities.

Media Awareness Network
Media literacy is the ability to sift through and analyze the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us every day. This Canadian website helps you to get students to watch and listen for what is really being said or not said in television.

The Prelinger Archives
A collection of over 48,000 historical films and clips. A great resource for film students.

Hall Davidson's Link Page
This page is filled with useful links. You could spend days.

Teachnology Website offers teachers FREE access to 27,000+ lesson plans, 6,350+ printable worksheets, rubrics, educational games, teaching tips, advice, education news, teacher downloads, web quests, 256,000+ reviewed web sites and teacher tools for creating exciting classroom instruction. Oh yeah, it's good.

A great website for sound effects. As one of my students put it..."it's google for sound effects".

Mr. Wilson's Links
A high school teacher in Fresno has gathered up some great links for teaching and buying video stuff.

A up and coming resource for all things in video education. This is an off shoot of the central valley video teachers list serve. Keep checking back for more new stuff.

Make Your Own SteadyCam
Johnny Chung Lee has designed a $14 steadycam. We built one for $20 and it works great.

EVC Tools for Educators
Resources for teacher documentary video production from the Educational Video Center.

The Oscars Teaching Guide Series
The Academy, in cooperation with Young Minds Inspired, produces a series of teacher's guides that explore the art and science of motion pictures.

Be Inspired

7 Most Amazing One-Take Video Clips

Very cool collection of videos that someone shot completely without stopping.

A mosaic of the world made out of tilt-shifted videos of cities around the world.

The Director's Bureau
A fabulous collection of videos, reels, and commercials from some well-know and not so well-known directors.

Poetry 180
"A peom a day for American High Schools". Put together by the Library of Congress. Let the words and rythms inspire you to create more words.

Media That Matters
The festival brings you 16 inspiring films by youth and independent filmmakers committed to changing the world, in 8 minutes or less. Click on a film to see how kids are impacting the world.

Cause You Never Can Get Enough Tilt-Shift
Check out this great collection of videos at Looking to do it in FCP? Check out