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Advanced 4 Educators

New - How Google Works

GoogleKeep Track of Changes with

Google Twitter Feeds
Google Blog Posts

Google Channels on YouTube

Helpful For Teachers
eBooklet (16 MB PDF File)
Teacher Lesson Ideas (NECC)
Search Education Lessons by Google Certified Teachers
Classroom Activities
Google for Teachers Guide
Google for Teachers Guide II

Google Places worth the Look
Google Almanac -
A Google Site Created by GTCs (Kyle Brumbaugh, Jerome Burg, Cheryl Davis, & Kathleen Ferenz) for the GTA
Google Hacks - A good reference book. The first half or so includes some great tips... the rest gets a bit technical.
Googlepedia - Another good reference book to use when teaching particular applications.
Google Earth Lessons - A bunch of lesson plans.
Google Aps Tutorial
Google Lit Trips - By Jerome Burg
Google Channels on YouTube
20 ideas for Embedded Spreadsheets.
15 Interesting Ways to use Google in the Classroom by GCT Cindy Lane
100+ Google tricks that will save you time in school

Google Docs Getting Started Guides

Google in Education:
Google Teacher Academy Resources
Google Workshop for Educator Resources
Google Tools for Educators Site by Chris Clementi
Lead Learner Examples of Using Google Forms in Education
How Google Saved a School (Video)
24 Interesting Ways to Use Google Earth in the Classroom

Google Teacher Academy Materials:
GTA Materials Page

Things to do with Google today:
Things to do (UK Edition)

Sample (6th Grade) Parent Permission Slip for Google Aps:

Overcoming the Email Obstacle for Student Google Docs Accounts by Jim McDermott

Digital Learning Environment Blog

Creating a Google Account
Creating an iGoogle Page
Starting with Docs
Starting with Spreadsheet
How to Create a Self Grading Quiz Using Google Forms
Starting with Presentations
Clean up project

Helpful Screencasts
Working with Google Docs
Making Self Grading Quizes with Google Forms
Video Tutorial for creating a Site