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Crowd Sourcing

Shortened Link to this page:

Google Sites Crib Sheet
Google Docs Crib Sheet
Mark Wagner's Twitter Information
Tom Barrett's 10 Steps to Building Your Twitter Network

Amping Your Google Forms to be Tweetable by Alan Levine

Step by Step inspired from the site above:

Step one:
Shorten the link for then site you created.

Step two:
Write your message.  Something like
I just took an awesome survey from @mistersill.  You can take it too:

Step three:
Go to
and create a character string of your message.

Step four:
Add the message to
It should look like this:

Step five:
Shorten that huge link into something nice like this:

Step six:
Stick that link into your form's embed confirmation.

Embed Summary of Responses - Google Forms by
Rachel Wente-Chaney

YouTube Video