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Great Maps for Education

Flat Stanley
Underground Railroad
California Missions
MN Geology Maps by GCT Ben Friesen
Erosion @ WJH by GCT Ben Friesen
Map Collaboration between schools
Mistersill's Maps

Overview of what we cover in the workshop!
  • Google Maps
    • Search & Get Directions
    • Satellite View, Terrain View, & Traffic
    • More... (Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcams)
    • Street View
    • Moon, Mars, Sky
    • My Maps: Browse & Create
  • Google Earth
    • Tour
    • Layers
    • Create Placemarks

Activity: Create A Multi-Media Map 
I have shared a custom map and invited you as collaborators.
  • Add a marker for your favorite place(s)
  • EXTRA:
    • Change the Icon
    • Embed text and media into the markers, including:
    • Text
    • Links
    • Images
    • Video (use the embed code)
    • Other, such as a Google Doc, Form, or Presentation

Google Earth Tutorial & Resources
Favorite Ways to Use Geo Apps:
*Big thanks to Google Certified Teacher, Chris Walsh for some of these links. 

Walking Tour of Pairs

Love these:

And something fun... Sampsonia Way:

YouTube Video

Now go to Googlemaps and search for: Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

Oh, so funny!
Google Maps (Part I of "The Googling")

The Googling

Google's collection of favorite places around the world.
Lonely Planet's Favorite Places

Integration Ideas:
Google Lessons - features some Geo Apps Lessons
American Explorers 
Clean Watersheds -
Environmental I-Reports -
Expedition Lit Trips -
Our Lost Children -
Poetry of Place -
Trace Your Trash -
Add Pictures:
Build buildings with Google Building Maker
Real world Math Lessons

Other Applications:
Here are some application that you can use and then embed in Google Maps and Earth.
SlideShare -
Podomatic -
Quizzlet -
VoiceThread -
YouTube -

Google Maps in Other Languages:
Students of foreign languages can be tasked to locate cities, give directions, or create placemarks about museums, shops, geographical features and other cultural practices.
Chinese Maps -
French Maps -
German Maps -
Spanish Maps -
Italian Maps -
Russian Maps -

For Google Earth tutorial, ideas on how to incorporate Google Earth and other Web 2.0 tools in your classroom, go to Teens and Technology and then click on the GPS and GIS page in the left-hand column.

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