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Google Booth at ISTE 2010

Create, Collaborate, &  Publish

in a creative classroom using Google's free tools for the classroom.

Collaboration During the 4 Stages of Production

Post Production


Magic Auto Fill in Google Spreadsheets.  Share a spreadsheet and brainstorm similar topic words.  Use the Magic Autofill function to obtain more great words based on patterns. 
PC - Click CTRL key while dragging the fill handle
MAC - Click OPTION key while dragging the fill handle

Script Writing with GOOGLE DOCS

  • Owners of the doc are the only ones that can delete a doc
  • Up to 10 students can write on a document at the same time.
  • Ask students to block off sections (insert>horizontal line) so they don't write over each other.
  • Have them write in colors and create a key at the top of the page so everyone knows who is who.
  • Track their progress - File>See Revision History
Use the drawing tools available in Presentations. 
  •     No skills necessary - Circle and triangles are people. 
  •     Insert a background pic from the web. 
  •     Use the speaker notes space for scene and dialog notes.
  •     10 Students can edit a presentation simultaneously

Use the docs template for storyboarding. 
  • Use the same drawing tools and style
  • 10 students can edit a doc simultaneously

Use Google Forms for Self Evaluations and Group Evaluations
My templates:
Narrative Video -  Self Evaluation
Narrative Video - Group Evaluation

Whole Notha Level
Take your students and their projects to another level by using Google Sites. 
Local Commercial Project:
Team 1
Team 2
Team 5

  • Home Page should mention their goal for the project and a synopsis of the video. 
  • Encourage them to be creative with the layout and the content.
  • Calendar Page should show each day they worked and what they worked on.
  • Script Page: Embed the Google Doc on the page.
  • Video Page: Embed the video and add a Google Form for evaluation. 

Google Student Blog: Using Google Apps to make the most of group work

Jim Sill

Google Certified Teacher
Apple Certified Trainer - Final Cut Pro
El Diamante High School
Visalia, CA 93277
mistersill (Twitter)

Create a Clapper Board Graphic

Docs Video Test (Be Brave!)

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