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Corrective Surgery for your Inbox

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Our Agenda

Archive vs. Delete
Search your Email
Set up Filters
Dive into Settings
    Undo Send
    Labs and Canned Response
Add Ons and Extensions

Help & Support

Try these search tricks:
  • before:2004/04/18
  • has:yellow-star
  • newer_than:2d
  • has:attachment
  • larger:10M
More Resources:

Get your shortcuts
Composing a new email
Send (and Undo Send!)
Reply to Emails
Create and Apply Labels
Access Gmail Settings
Star Important Emails
Search Your Inbox
Advanced SearchFilter Emails (Aka Automate Your Inbox)
Email Delegation
Create a Signature
Turn On Vacation Responder (Out of Office)
Read Receipts

Even More
Canned Responses
Custom Themes
Getting Started with Contacts
Google Tasks (available in both Gmail and Calendar)
Offline Gmail
Desktop Notifications
Advanced Gmail

Guides and Resources for Later
Switching to Gmail from Outlook

Start with the tips that are right for you, and work your way up to becoming a Gmail master.

Level 1—Just started using Gmail
Conversations, mobile, and more.
Level 2—Get more out of Gmail
Labels, signatures, and more.
Level 3—Advanced tips
Video calls, better account security, and more.
Level 4—Become a Gmail master
Keyboard shortcuts, advanced search, and more.