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iPads in Education

Special thanks to fellow ADE, Colleen A. Glaude, for the following links from her sites at

iPad Management
iOS 4 Deployment Guide is available. This guide has a wealth of information surrounding iOS Management, Deployment, Sync Strategies and Volume Purchase information:

Mobile device management software- Casper Suite:

Best Practices Downloads
Printable card to place in iPad case for future reference:
iPad Best Practices.pdf

ePub best practices:

Bloom’s Taxonomy
Silvia Tolisano’s correlation between ipad apps and blooms:

Kathy Schrock also has a blooms and ipad list at:

Apps for Research Process
As a Gathering Tool (be sure to bring a plastic bag for rainy-day field studies!):
Dropbox (Free)- Great way to move files around.
Evernote (Free)- Syncs well with all of your other devices
GoodReader ($4.99)- Fast and works with all kinds of files and when other apps can’t do the job
iAnnotate ($9.99)- Many say it is well worth the price for reading and marking up PDFs
Inkling (Free)- Great way to interact with textbooks
JotNot Signature ($4.99)- Sign and fill out forms easily
Notebooks ($8.99)- Collate all of your PDFs, markup, mashup with Safari, organize and import/export
Note Taker HD ($4.99)- Take handwritten notes and sketch will even shrink to fit writing for better look
SoundNote ($4.99)- Great way to take notes, sketch, and record audio

Corkulous ($4.99)- provides a corkboard for tasks, notes and images for arranging and sharing
iThoughtsHD ($7.99)- O’Reilly say’s you can’t beat this mindmapping app
Popplet (Free/$4.99)- Quickly capture, sort, and share your ideas

To Read Apps
Flipboard ($4.99)- Super-fast way to flip through news, Twitter and Facebook in a magazine-style output
GoodReader ($4.99)- Fast and works with all kinds of files and when other apps can’t do the job
Instapaper ($4.99)- Great for reading web pages and long articles at a later time offline and w/o clutter
Papers ($14.99)- lets you find, download, file and tag and create a personal library of science
Pulse (Free)- Apps Store Hall of Fame for making reading news fun and engaging

Osfoora HD ($3.99)- Fast and slick Twitter client for your iPad
WordPress (Free)- Built for the iPad, makes managing your blog a breeze