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Google My Maps

What is Google My Maps?
Google My Maps ( lets you quickly and easily make custom maps, and share them with friends or colleagues. Whether you’d like to visualize protected forest areas, food drive drop-off areas, or the locations of your project sites, this tool gives you the ability to:
  • Draw - Add lines, shapes, or placemarks on the map.
  • Import - Add a CSV file, XLSX file, My Map, or spreadsheet from Google Drive with geographically specific data including addresses, place names, or lat/longs.
  • Layer - Hide or show different content to better understand your map.
  • Style - Make your point visually with different colors, placemark icons, and line widths.
  • Manage & collaborate - See all your My Maps in Google Drive (those you've created and those shared with you). Share and edit your maps with others just like you would a Google Doc or Sheet.

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Great how-to video by Google Guru Bradley Lands (different name, same tools):

YouTube Video

Great examples from the GEO MOOC: 
  • School Capacity in BC link
  • Argentina Flooding link
  • Shawnee, OK Tornado Damage link
  • Motorcycle tour of Pakistan link
  • Buckhead Springs Art Festival link
  • James Bond Map link
  • Zombie Appocalypse Map link

For a little bit of fun:
Smarty Pins - Game with Maps
Pursued - Game with Maps
Geo Guessr - Game with Maps
Compare size of countries with this fun tool:
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