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Social Media -

Quick reads:

Calling Yesterday, Texting Today, Using Apps Tomorrow - Nielsen
From the Height of this Place by Jonathan Rosenberg

What is Social Media?
  • In the Cloud
  • By the people for the people
  • Opportunity for businesses to learning directly from customers
  • Social Media Revolution 2 - Youtube Video
What’s the big deal?
  • Mid 90’s - Microsoft’s Encarta - Encyclopedia
  • 10yrs ago - Wikipedia
  • Online Activity
  • Cell phones
  • Google’s mission: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
  • Jonathan Rosenberg - "Everyone can publish and everyone will"
Who is doing it?
  • big companies
  • individual with loyal fans
  • or someone with a lot of opinions.
The real power is that these people all are on the same playing field.  

The Conduit
  • RSS Feeds  - Blogs
    • 120K blogs are created daily — most of them with an audience of one. Over half of them are created by people under the age of nineteen. - Rosenberg, 2009
  • Micro blogging
    • Twitter - 140 Characters
    • Facebook
  • Video sharing like Youtube
    • 2 Billion Views a Day
    • 24hrs of content uploaded every minute.
Navigating the Internet
  • It’s not about you going to comes to you.
    • RSS - Dangerously irrelevent
    • Google Reader
    • Google >Even More
      • Search features like Updates and Discussions
Making it useful
Leave your Footprint

Using it
  • Cross Pollinate
    • Use the application to feed the other applications.
      • Twitter to Facebook and beyond
  • Youtube -  Not just for NumaNuma Kid anymore.  
    • Track your hits
    • receive comments
    • Creating Playlists
  • Google Search features
    • filetype:
    • creative commons
  • Collaborate!
    • Calendars
    • Docs
Keeping an Eye on Your Footprint
  • Google Alerts