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Youtube for Teachers

  • Helps you find the great stuff on Youtube w/out all the trouble
  • Discover lots of Playlists for teachers
Create Playlists...lots of them! 
Playlists allow users to organize videos and choose the order they're shown. 
Great educational playlists include a diversity of videos that...
  • explain the basics of a concept
  • hook students into a lesson
  • provide real world context or cultural relevance
  • bring a concept to life (chemical reactions, primary source video)
Check out this great playlist for starters: Students need to smile

Submit your great playlists for consideration at the Youtube for Teachers site

Brand New!

Creating content on the iPad

Flipped Teaching

Pencasting Apps (iPad, Free)
Screen Chomp (iPad, Free) (no recording)

Screencasting Online - Direct Upload to Youtube (Free - Limited) 

Screencasting Apps - 
Quicktime (Mac)
Camtasia (Trial version)
Snagit (Trial version)
Screenflow (Trial version)

Teacher Advice on Posting Videos and Managing a Channel
  • Upload your videos to Private.
  • Share it with 25 select people.
  • Turn off Comments
  • Turn off Video Responses
  • Turn off Comments on your Channel
  • Measure you success by views, ratings, and subscribers. 
  • Record statements from your webcam directly to YouTube.

Feed the beast: 

YouTube Video

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Check out the New Ted-Ed Channel!

Use Ted-Ed to Flip one of your favorite Youtube Videos.

YouTube Video

Here is the link to my lesson: 
Be inspired by other flipped videos: 

Examples of K-12 EDU Channels
Amazing YouTube EDU Channels

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Jul 19, 2012, 9:41 PM