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Youtube in the Classroom

100 Hours of Content Uploaded Every Minute Can Not Be Ignored

Here is the playlist of the videos that I use in the workshop

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YouTube was:
It was all bout the many views you had.  It became a place for people to share whatever they wanted.. Most of it was from ranting from a webcam.

Then academia started posting interesting content.

Inspire Kids with Videos

Teach with Videos
When you don’t have the time or money to put materials together
Use Ted-Ed to Flip one of your favorite Youtube Videos.
Here is the link to my lesson:
Be inspired by other flipped videos:

Take advantage of the System

1. Create playlists to share with your classroom the next day.
2. Upload your student work
3. Create a channel of content
    1. Google uses it
    2. Universities use it
    3. Schools use it
Advice on Posting Videos and Managing a Channel
  • Upload your videos to Private.
  • Share it with 25 select people.
  • Turn off Comments
  • Turn off Video Responses
  • Turn off Comments on your Channel
  • Measure you success by views, ratings, and subscribers. 
  • Record statements from your webcam directly to YouTube.
4. Create Playlists...lots of them! 

5. Conduct Search Stories
  • Teaches storytelling
  • Students learn to plan a search to get the best results
  • Kids anticipate search results in a variety of apps
6. Have Youtube create captions for the Hearing Impaired.

7. Upload and edit your own video with music:
8. Edit your own movies. Use Creative Commons Videos.

9. Make annotative videos like this:
10. Rent Movies -

11. Useful Chrome extensions


Educate, engage, and inspire your students with video!

Get answers to common questions about YouTube Edu videos

Made Especially for Educators:

Safety Tricks: