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Create, collaborate, and publish classroom videos using Google's free tools for the classroom.

Teaching Video
Check out Video Editing for Educators

Use things like YouTube to Teach and Inspire....
Using Teaching Video with Youtube

Collaboration During the 4 Stages of Production

Post Production


Magic Auto Fill in Google Spreadsheets.  Share a spreadsheet and brainstorm similar topic words.  Use the Magic Autofill function to obtain more great words based on patterns. 
PC - Click CTRL key while dragging the fill handle
MAC - Click OPTION key while dragging the fill handle

Idea Development
Search>Show Options
  • Use Timeline to see what was going on in history.

Google News
  • Set up a Custom Section for 24/7 research.
Google Books

Script Writing with GOOGLE DOCS
Show script
Narrative Style
Commercial Format

  • Owners of the doc are the only ones that can delete a doc
  • Up to 10 students can write on a document at the same time.
  • Ask students to block off sections (insert>horizontal line) so they don't write over each other.
  • Have them write in colors and create a key at the top of the page so everyone knows who is who.
  • Track their progress - File>See Revision History
Use the drawing tools available in Presentations. 
  •     No skills necessary - Circle and triangles are people. 
  •     Insert a background pic from the web. 
  •     Use the speaker notes space for scene and dialog notes.
  •     10 Students can edit a presentation simultaneously

Use the docs template for storyboarding. 
  • Use the same drawing tools and style
  • 10 students can edit a doc simultaneously

Blogging- Read Them, Write Them

50 Best_Blogs_for_Moviemakers

Big Projects - Document the Process

Blogger - students can document their growth with blog entries.  You can use it to measure growth for grant reports.


The Ken Burns Effect
  • Size - bigger than 640x480 for Standard Definition  TV
  • Usage rights - click "labeled for reuse" under the Advanced Search page.  - Record from Webcam.  Students can record themselves reading,  discussing a project, talking about obstacles and successes.

Make the video private so that only people you choose can see it.  Parents, classmates.
Take advantage of several Youtube partner programs that allow you to create fun videos in just a few clicks.


Youtube Editor

Instructions on how to use Youtube's Editor


is the place to host your videos.  Everybody is doing it!

  • Create a channel for your classroom
  • TURN OFF Comments on the video and on the Channel.

Use Google Forms for Self Evaluations and Group Evaluations

My templates:
Narrative Video -  Self Evaluation
Narrative Video - Group Evaluation

Embed Google Docs videos into a Google Site

Whole Notha Level
Take your students and their projects to another level by using Google Sites. 

Home Run Rescue
Pita Kabob Commercial
Companion Animal Clinic

  • Home Page should mention their goal for the project and a synopsis of the video. 
  • Encourage them to be creative with the layout and the content.
  • Calendar Page should show each day they worked and what they worked on.
  • Script Page: Embed the Google Doc on the page.
  • Video Page: Embed the video and add a Google Form for evaluation. 
Google Student Blog: Using Google Apps to make the most of group work


Jim Sill
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Google for Video


Search Cheat Sheet and Search Lessons
Google Docs Cheat Sheet
Google Sites Cheat Sheet
Google Student Blog: Using Google Apps to make the most of group work
Create a Clapper Board Graphic
Check out my Google Goodness Pages for links and tutorials.

Extra Mile:

Mapping Movie Locations Part 1
Mapping Movie Locations Part 2

My Google Map
of historic film locations in Los Angeles
(a work in progress)

Google Map